Pre-Order / Dashing x Alden D1864H 379x Arabica Lux Plain Toe Boot


Special Makeup
PRE-ORDER - 50% Deposit - Late-Summer Delivery*

379x 'military' Last
Arabica Lux calfskin
'Indy boot' quarter stitch detail
Brass eyelets & hooks
270 degree flat Goodyear welt
Double oiled oak leather soles
Antique edge
Made in Massachusetts, USA

Arabica Lux leather description via Stitchdown:
'Lux is a full veg-tan Horween leather (the first veg-tan for Alden, I’m fairly certain, other than shell) which gets the same base tannage as Essex—which itself uses the same tannin extracts as Horween shell cordovan. Horween calls Lux (the leather name; Arabica is the color) “sugary”, a result of the dye coats and top coats. In the right light, it kinda shimmers, just a touch...'

Sizing for the 379x Last:
- if you're going to wear a thinner sock - Van/Barrie/Trubalance size
- If you're going to wear a mid-thick sock - Hampton/Plaza/Aberdeen size

*This Alden product can NOT be shipped outside of North America.

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