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New Delivery - Permanent Style - The Casual Style Guide


*The first delivery run of PS The Casual Style Guide was a great success. I have a re-order landing in June for anyone interested, plus another small re-order for early-Fall going into the Holiday's. The PS Guides make great gifts, and fun coffee table reading. 

The Casual Style Guide -
"Jamie Ferguson and I have just finished a new book, which will be coming out in March. It's a sequel to our 2017 book The Style Guide focusing on more casual clothing - so of course it's called The Casual Style Guide.

Like The Style Guide, it's constructed as a series of beautiful street-style shots featuring some of the most stylish people in the world - people like Jason Jules, Noboru Kakuta, Oliver Dannefalk - alongside analysis picking apart their looks and providing advice to readers. Although one difference that this time is that both Jamie and myself give our takes, which makes for some entertaining editorial.

Divided into five sections - each representing a different genre from Ivy to Western - the book also features short interviews with several of those featured, including Ethan Newton, Luke Walker and Basile Khadiry, plus a focused section at the end on the book sponsor, Viberg.

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