Be Helpful Podcast

Thank you to Gboyega Adebayo for being the first podcast to reach out to me, and speak with me so soon after Dashing Chicago opened it's doors!

About: Exploring passions and maintaining the relationships along the way has been at the core of Sean Moran’s entrepreneurial journey. Sean is the owner of Dashing Chicago, a luxury footwear retailer located in downtown Chicago. In our conversation, we dive into Sean’s experience opening and running stores before he finally opened Dashing in Spring 2021. He highlights the importance of persistence, patience, and relationships. All of which have enabled Dashing to be the premier Alden and Edward Green retailer in the Midwest.

About the host: Hosted by Gboyega Adebayo, Co-Founder & CEO of Yencil, The Be Helpful Podcast features small business owners and entrepreneurs, discussing the process of building their business. Their relatable stories, experiences, and lessons learned provide aspiring entrepreneurs insights into the road ahead of them.

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