I am dashing!
dash *ing - adjective - 'energetic, dynamic, romantic, stylish’‘
Like handsome, only faster!’
That definition is a more modern interpretation of the word; traditionally it was a description of a man: (of a man) attractive in a romantic, implying a gentlemanly, properness, and adventurous way.

However, today I feel that anyone can be ‘dashing’; it’s a truly gender neutral construct. A person who’s ’energetic, dynamic, romantic, stylish’ sounds like the kinda person I want to know! We live in a world where the person you are on a Zoom call at 10am probably isn’t the same person who’s walking their dog at 4pm, or running out to dinner or picking-up takeout at 8pm. 

We are living in a truly dynamic world where who we were just 1-2 year ago - everything has completely changed. Lifestyle’s have changed, dress-codes have devolved (hopefully soon will evolve), and some of us aren’t even venturing out of our house anymore to go to work, the store or even date! Personally, I feel like ‘putting your best foot forward’ means even more now that it did than before. Now is the time you can make some truly personal choices on how you present yourself again in the physical world. Sure, sneakers are easy - but have you ever slipped on a truly comfortable loafer with a pair of denim or some joggers?

Heritage footwear isn’t all stuffy black & brown wingtips for the lawyers and banker types of the world! Leathers have softened, soles have gone rubber, fits have improved, and customization is no longer rare - but the way to go! That’s what is enduring about heritage footwear - the times change, dress codes evolve, and brands continue to mature and retain all the best of the brand, but understand that clients wants/needs are more prominent now.

My goal is to offer you an individualized & unforgettable shopping experience.

I think we all need to be a bit more 'Dashing' nowadays, and I’m here to enjoy this journey with you! The real question is - does your mask match your shoes, socks, belt or shirt? Discuss!