3 Principles of Dashing


Inspiration is what it’s all about! You venture into heritage shoe brands because you’re inspired by a whole host of different things: the craftsmanship, the country/workshop where the products are made, the limited quality, customization & ability to create/or find something to match your personality, amongst of host of other things. Plus, I understand more than most people - these items (footwear, bags, belts) are truly aspirational investments for the vast majority of the people out there. I personally grew up saving my money to invest in basketball shoes, running shoes, and the biggest investment in my teens - cycling shoes. It takes touching, feeling, questioning & trying on an Alden boot or visiting a trunk show (or 2) & creating an Edward Green MTO to finally purchase. I’m a huge believer in ‘less, but better’. Let’s review your needs, your style, and find a model, brand, and aesthetic that fits YOU. Make that investment in an amazing piece of footwear, and you’ll enjoy them for years!


The internet has been a blessing and a curse for, well - EVERYTHING. You can shop the web at 2am for virtually anything! You can price compare a product at a retailer in California against a retailer in Lisbon. Forums & Discord channels are there for people to ask anonymous folks from around the world to discuss fit, finish, heritage, timelines, longevity, care techniques, etc etc. I’m a fan of going to a reputable retailer, and speaking to them in person. Be honest with your intentions and questions, and you might hear information that may or may not match with what you’re hearing from some random forum member. KNOW - store owners like myself are there to educate you, as the last thing we want to do, is put you into a product and have you unsatisfied. Education is also about care; care of the item you may purchase, and the care of what you already have at home in your closet. The internet has really blurred the lines of customer service and relationship building. However, my primary goal is to educate you to the best of my ability, and if I don’t have an answer - I will go to the source to get you an answer.


Fit to me is probably the MOST important of my 3 Principles. I’m lucky, I have a super easy foot to fit; once sized properly, I can wear virtually anything right off the workshop shelf. However, I am probably in the minority, and it’s my job to fit you better than you’ve probably ever been fit before. That being said - the size, fit, discussion and results might not be ANYWHERE near what you assumed, expected or walked in wearing. I know there’s a large percentage of clients that are probably wearing a shoe that’s 1-1.5 sizes to big for them or wearing a last shape that’s too narrow (or wearing a wide when they are not necessarily needed). Finally, I understand there’s a lot of clients that come from the sneaker world, and I may be fitting you in your first dress shoe or boot since you were in grade school. It’s a process, it’s a dialogue, and it’s about building a relationship. I wear all the shoe brands stocked at Dashing Chicago, and I put more miles on them than you do to fully understand how they fit new, how they break-in over time, and when it’s time to send the in for a re-craft.