4015HC Indy Boot - Reverse Tobacco Chamois


TruBalance last
Reverse Tobacco Oiled Nubuck
Speed Hooks
Antique edge
Commando sole
Storm welt
Made in Massachusetts, USA

A new addition to the Alden stock program in the Fall of 2021, this was a long time 'special makeup' most Alden retailers scheduled almost yearly. The Alden 4015HC reverse tobacco chamois is a great balance of rugged appearance, and low maintenance day-to-day. If you want to wear it as a 2-season boot (Oct thru April), I'd suggest trying this on with your winter sock choice. If you're going to wear it as a versatile day-to-day boot, wear your normal sock, and know it might be more snug with your thicker winter socks. Clean it like suede, but this is a super low maintenance boot.

If your size is not available, please contact Special Orders

*This Alden product can NOT be shipped outside of North America.

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