702L Moc Toe Leisure Blucher - Snuff Suede


Orleans Last
Snuff suede leather upper
5 Blind eyelets
Antique edge
360 Degree reverse storm welt
New Leisure II outsole with leisure II toplift heel
Made in Massachusetts, USA

The Alden 702L snuff suede blucher on the Leisure 2 sole has been a huge client favorite of everyone who's chosen to try it on. All the refinement of a snuff suede dress shoe, all the comfort of a soft rubber designed in-house at Alden.

The Orleans last is sized like an Aberdeen, Hampton, Plaza last (so true to size), but has the easy comfort and rounder shape of a Barrie last.

If your size is not available, please contact Special Orders

*This Alden product can NOT be shipped outside of North America.

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