9474C Plain Toe Blucher Reverse Tobacco Chamois


Barrie last
Alden plain toe blucher
Reverse tobacco chamois
Dark brown metal eyelets
Commando outsole
360 Degree Goodyear welt
Made in Massachusetts, USA

The Alden 9474C PTB in reverse tobacco chamois has been a long-time special makeup for Alden retailers everywhere. It was amazing to hear that for FW21, the model was going to be joining the stock Alden shoe program.

This model is nearly perfect for the return to the office, and it's need for care is very low. If you'd like it sized for a 2-season choice, please bring heavier socks to a fitting. If you'd prefer it as a 365 shoe, then let's wear the shoe to a fitting that sits in the middle of your sock thickness selection.

If your size is not available, please contact Special Orders

*This Alden product can NOT be shipped outside of North America.

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