Alden Cotton Indy Boot Laces - Brown (unwaxed) - 54in

54 inch length
Brown (unwaxed) cotton laces.
Perfect for 9-eyelet Alden boots or Alden boots with 5 eyelets and 4 speed hooks.
Suggested for Alden 403, 405, and other boots with brown cotton (unwaxed) lace

Let's be honest here guys, we've all been there. It's early (or late), you're trying to lace up your Indy boots, you barely have your eyes open and BOOM - you miss a speed hook. Not only did you miss a speed hook - but you pulled the cotton lace through the speed hook and it's sheered off in your hand. Well - now you can run in or order a set of laces to replace your blown out pair.

If your size/color lace is not available, please contact Special Order

*This Alden product can NOT be shipped outside of North America.

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