The Field's - LHS Color 8 Shell Cordovan Tassel Loafer D1224


Available to ship the week of January 9th
Dashing x Alden Special Makeup - Limited Availability

Van Last
Alden leisure handsewn tassel loafer
Color 8 shell cordovan leather
Handsewn Moc Toe
360 Degree Goodyear welt
Single leather outsoles
Made in Massachusetts, USA

Inspired by the GH Bass Weejuns of Ivy/prep style of the past; the merging of 2 loved loafer silhouettes - a Leisure Handsewn and a tassel loafer. The idea was to dress down a tassel loafer, and dress up a LHS - and make a standout conversation starting loafer silhouette. 

I have seen this makeup done in Asia throughout the years for a couple of mega retailers, and I ALWAYS wanted one.

Using the always in high demand Alden 986 color-8 LHS loafer as it’s base, this Van last loafer can go virtually anywhere, and be paired with any outfit. If you're going to own just 1 loafer, let alone 1 LHS loafer - this is your choice. The Van last is a super comfortable moccasin style last, and really is the best of many worlds.

A lot of the time this is clients first leap into color-8 Horween shell cordovan, but there's no reason to be fearful. This is a hard wearing piece of footwear, and you'll keep selecting it from your closet day after day!

*This Alden product can NOT be shipped outside of North America.

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