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Valet Magazine Issue 4 - Sweat


Valet Issue 4 deals with the themes of work, sweat, and toil through the lens of classic men’s style. The 272-page tome houses original long-form articles on a number of subjects related to why and how we dress.Through philosophical, historical, literary, and theological essays, we treat a litany of subjects, from how what we wear to work influences our perception of the world and our fellows’ perception of us, how transitioning in and out of our work uniform affects our psychology, and how even today, men’s traditional style is evolving for the better. 

Our proverbial valet offers a view on how to find a decent watering hole when in new surrounds on a work trip, and we put his tips to the test on a night out in Tbilisi, recording the odyssey for posterity (and your reading pleasure).Photo essays explore such topics as how the addition of a tie to any work uniform elevates it and confers respect on one's craft, why a gentleman oughtn’t ever to rush, and how to match your jacket and boutonnière. We also take a deep dive into a London institution and one of the greatest secondhand clothing shops in the world—Hornets of Kensington.

We speak to Nicholas Bowman-Scargill, the managing director of English luxury watchmaker Fears, about the history of watches and what makes or breaks a watch design; Maximilian Mogg introduces us to the intricacies of the Anglo-German cut; we speak to actor, writer, and broadcaster Stephen Fry about his tie collection and the joys of putting away childish things and behaving like a grown-up; and loads more.We hope you enjoy this issue of Valet, and that it brings you as much joy in reading it as it did us in making it.

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